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Do you order from Amazon? Then you might be pleased by the “Trunk delivery” option

Amazon Audi DHL trunk delivery

Ever since the invention of the car, it was clear to people that its primary purpose would be to move people from point A to point B and shorten the distance between destinations. Several more uses have been added over time. The car has become a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to save lives or a simple accessory. It appears that it might also soon become a place to receive packages.

Technology is here to save us time and energy, to simplify tasks that were previously solely dependent on human hands and hard work. We could say that time has become the most precious commodity. Having said that, one could truly appreciate it if more time could be saved by having a package delivered directly to the trunk of their car. This might seem like an insignificant upgrade, but consider how much time you spend communicating for a courier delivery or how many times you have to go to the post office to get a package that could not be delivered to your address.

Audi is testing a system in Munich that would allow Amazon customers to order goods and have them delivered by DHL to the trunk of their parked car. Car owners would have to agree to allow their cars to be tracked via GPS. Thanks to a one-time electronic authorization, the DHL courier would be able to open the trunk and deposit the package. Volvo is planning to offer this service to consumers in Sweden later this year. This system could be a solution for the eternal problem of packages that cannot be delivered because no one is home to receive them. It could also allow customers to leave their packages or letters in the trunk of their cars for pick-up by DHL. Cars are, therefore, being transformed into a service device that would try to further save our most precious commodity – time.

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