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Car industry – as we know it – is over

Mr. Adam Jonas, the head of research of the global automotive industry at Morgan Stanley, belongs among the increasing number of experts that share the opinion that car industry as we know it is over.

According to him the future of automotive industry lies in development and mass production of self-driving cars. The only currently available autonomous vehicle that is capable to fulfill transportation capabilities of a presently used car and is commercially available is the open-air shuttle for pedestrian zones (with operational speed 20km/h).

The future does not only predict global usage of self-driving cars but also the end of personal ownership of cars. The imminent change in car industry is compared to the moment of transition between carriages pulled by horses and motor vehicles.

This introductory contribution will serve as the base point for our next few snappy blogs. We will bring more viewpoints to this issue in the next few days. Stay tuned.