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Introducing Schemnitz Group - SKODA, VW, PEUGEOT, HYUNDAI from Eastern Europe

Michal, EuroCoc is well-known mostly for offering a high quality service by providing COCs (Certificates of Conformity) to customers around Europe. By creating the Schemnitz Group, you are broadening your activities into car trading. First of all, how did you choose the commercial name Schemnitz?

Schemnitz is an old mining town in mid-Slovakia with a long multicultural history, it was the third-largest town in the Hungarian Kingdom in the late 18th century. It was here that the newest mining techniques were tested, and gold and silver were exported from Schemnitz across Europe. It is a tribute to this old town that we want to pay back with our work and efforts, and we hope that our customers will get only the best from this region, just like in the good old times.

What exactly does Schemnitz represent?

We aim to be the provider of choice for cars from our region (Central Europe) to Western Europe. We achieved this with Certificates of Conformity, and I think we can do the same for new and (in the future) used cars. We built our reputation with COCs, and I will fully uphold the reliability and integrity of our service. It is a lot of work as often we cannot control external influences, but we chose this approach and we are building a strong company at Schemnitz.

Why did you decide to also offer cars to your EuroCoc customers?

It was a very tough decision - with EuroCoc we always tried to provide a very good service and focus solely on CoCs. On the other hand, we had very good connections to importers and dealers in Central and Eastern Europe who wanted to sell us their cars. EuroCoc customers need our product to register their imported vehicles, so why not also offer them the cars? We started in 2013 and had a good start. Everyone in the business knows that it is ideal to deliver cars with all the correct paperwork and not to just sell cars. With EuroCoc’s connections backing us, we get the paperwork done.

How can a Schemnitz customer receive good deals on vehicles?

As we treat all customers individually, I would appreciate receiving direct mail at from interested customers. Car trading is still a delicate business, and I want to know my customers by name. Every European market is different, so we really need to work on a very personal basis with our clients. Our customers are ideally independent dealers, selling more than 1000 vehicles a year in their own showrooms. Based on experience, we can create great added-value for our clients.

What are you best sellers?

Due to our geography and the location of production facilities we have excellent prices for Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, VW, AUDI, Peugeot and Renault. As the market share of Asian brands is generally increasing in Europe, we foresee high demand in years to come, primarily for Kia and Hyundai. If I would have to name three models, then VW Golf, SKODA Octavia and Hyundai ix20.
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