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car engineRTU engine from Slovakia outruns all ordinary engines

Dick Kvetňanský from Slovakia is likely to change the history of the automotive industry. He has produced car replicas for Hollywood, then his own cars which he sent to the US as puzzle pieces, he has constructed a special racing car using soybean oil as fuel, and now he might start a new era of combustion engines.

Experts consider the engine in Dick's showroom a miracle. The RTU engine is an aggregate that generates operating energy and heat. Up to 75 per cent of energy exits the exhaust pipe unused. The RTU engine significantly flips this ratio by utilising up to 75 per cent of energy! A single drop of petrol or diesel thus produces more energy, which means that a car can cover longer distances for less money.

Since combustion engines comprise up to 98 per cent of all engines worldwide, the RTU engine can significantly affect developments in this segment. 

Evolution of the RTU engine: click here to watch the video

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