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synthetic gasoline made from cornScientists have developed synthetic fuel

The constantly rising price of oil and the fact that it is a non-renewable source of energy has been forcing the automotive industry to look for alternative power sources for the future of the industry. Electric cars have already begun spreading around the world but they are still not a satisfactory replacement for gasoline and diesel.

Researchers, therefore, have worked on the task to produce synthetic gasoline and diesel from readily available renewable sources. Scientists of the automotive brand Audi have succeeded in developing synthetic diesel from carbon dioxide and water. However, they have not stopped at the point of the synthetic diesel. Global Bioenergies, a company which is cooperating with Audi for the first time in history, has developed a synthetic gasoline called e-benzin. Its basic source is sugar from corn and grain. The whole process of manufacturing synthetic gasoline avoids the use of oil, which is most likely to be exhausted by the end of this century.

The ambitions of scientists working for Audi continue with their intention to avoid the use of corn. In the production process, they would like to preserve only water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and solar radiation. The increase in the global human population goes hand in hand with the growth of food consumption. Therefore, it will be necessary to find a way to avoid the use of corn for purposes other than consumption. It needs to be discovered as to whether it is feasible to use water for the production of this fuel in the future.

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