Car manuals

Do you need a car manual?

For clients importing new & used cars from countries within EU, we provide a wide range of user manuals available. All manuals are original printed versions, in all major European languages.

We include them in our offer as we realize that these manuals might have gone missing during use or transport of the car. They are standard booklets provided by manufacturer for new cars detailing use of radios, dashbord keys, maintanence instructions etc.

Please direct all your orders or inquiries at, providing us with following details:

  • VIN number
  • make and type (e.g. Ford Focus)
  • year of production

Standard dispatch time is two or three weeks after receiving the request. For the delivery of single units, 15 euro shipping and handling fee is added. For larger amount calculations, please, contact us at the above-mentioned e-mail.

Price depends on the vehicle model.


Make Price from (excluding VAT 20%)
BMW 69-99 €
Dacia 89 €
Ford 69 €
Jaguar 119 €
Kia 89 €
Landrover 119 €
Mazda 99 €
Mercedes 79 €
Mini Cooper 69 €
Peugeot 79 €
Skoda 69 €
Smart 69 €
Suzuki 99 €
Volvo 89 €
VW 89 €
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