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Payment of a Coc

How will I pay for my order of a certificate of conformity?

EuroCoc provides its customers with three possibilities to pay for their orders. Our clients can choose to pay by PayPal, by credit card (HiPay), or by bank transfer. PayPal ( – in order to pay using this international electronic payment service, you need to fill in the form that is created uniquely for your order (we are sending you the link associated with your unique order number). A payment that is sent via PayPal is carried out and posted to our account immediately after it is submitted. Credit card (HiPay) – The payment using a card is carried out immediately after it is submitted. The types of cards accepted for this form of payment are: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. To submit your payment, you need to fill in the number of your card, the CV code, and the card’s expiration date. The process is entirely protected and encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol and the 3D secure system. Bank transfer – The payments can be sent to our account to Deutsche Bank. The payment is in such a case credited to our account within 3 to 5 days. If you chose this way of payment, please send us a copy of the payment confirmation so that we can proceed with your order. In order to identify your payment, it is necessary that you indicate your order number in the payment confirmation.

The payment through CARD PAY failed.

Do not worry – this may have several causes. Please make sure that the card data such as the expiry date, card number, and CV code are all correct and that you receive the 3D secure SMS code from your bank to validate the payment. If the problem persists, try to use another payment card. If the situation is not solved, we recommend that you pay by a bank transfer. To allow us to identify the payment, please indicate the order number in the payment description or as a reference number.

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