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Price of a certificate of conformity (COC)

How much is a Certificate of conformity?

Price of a Certificate of conformity depends on the type of the vehicle, make and model. Once all the information is selected on the homepage, the results are displayed immediately.

In case the COC is not available for my vehicle, will I be refunded?

Yes. We refund 100% of the amount paid when the COC is not available.

Are there any administrative fees?

No, we don’t charge any administrative fees.

Is it possible to pay without VAT?

In case you are a company and you are a VAT payer, do not forget to indicate your VAT ID when placing your order. Your invoices will be issued without VAT. If you provide an incorrect VAT ID, we will be unable to return you the amount of VAT.

How to get a voucher for the purchase of a Certificate of conformity?

EUROCOC vouchers are sometimes sent by e-newsletter to our registered customers, or distributed via other promotional forms e.g. printed in various magazines or in promotional inserts.