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Validity of certificate of conformity

What guarantee do I have that your COC is genuine?

Our company is a Certificates of Conformity mediator. The Certificates of Conformity are issued only by authorised institutions – directly by producers. All certificates contain safety marks such as a: watermark, stamp, safety strip, or signature of the issuing entity. We provide 100 % money-back guarantee : If COC gets ultimately rejected and you will provide us written confirmation by competent registration authority, we will return you the full price.

Will my name be indicated on the COC?

No, the COC doesn´t show the name of the vehicle owner.

How long will my Certificate of conformity be valid?

There is no time limit set on a COC.

My COC indicates “Duplicate”, but I need an original. Can you provide me with an original?

All COC certificates of ours are original documents issued by the manufacturer of the vehicle or by an official representative of the make. However, the original document is only the first copy that should be given to the first owner of the vehicle. All subsequent copies may indicate “Duplicate” or “Copy” but corresponds to the original certificate of conformity and contains all security signs such as hologram, watermark or a signature.

What language my COC will be issued in?

The language of a certificate of conformity is generally selected by the manufacturer of the vehicle. However, the COC is a European document valid in any official language of the EU as it is stated by the EU legislation ( – Annex, Article 3.1., c point. That means, a COC issued in German has to be accepted in France as German is the official language of the EU.

What data is indicated on a Certificate of conformity?

This document contains the vehicle identification, vehicle manufacturer, number of EC type approval, and further technical data such as: type, variant, version, weight, type of gearbox, size of the wheels, tyres, colour of the vehicle, CO2 emissions… Some COC examples from EUROCOC – COC Mercedes, COC Ford, Certificate of conformity Opel, Certificate of conformity Toyota, COC moto Aprilia