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Bringing in a vehicle from abroad can be a daunting task for private individuals and professionals. To make registration easier, the EuroCoc company offers a fast, easy and reliable service to obtain the vehicle’s certificate of conformity. The perfect plan to avoid administrative hassle!

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EuroCoc, the facilitator of transactions

Wishing to meet a growing demand from professionals and individuals, EuroCoc decided in 2006 to specialise in certifying imported vehicles.

Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, EuroCoc has over the course of four years ensured the delivery of certificates of compliance from companies specialising in the import and export of vehicles. This document includes the vehicle identification information, manufacturer, approval number, and technical specifications. From providing a basic additional service to European customers, the delivery of certificates has turned into a real business over the years as the automobile market has become more European. Today, the company works primarily with French, Belgian, and Dutch professionals and individuals, for whom securing a CoC is essential for importing vehicles. “Offering a certificate of compliance with their vehicle represents an added value for these professionals as part of their business of selling cars,” said Michal Matys, CEO of EuroCoc, which also aims to increase its presence in the high growth potential German market.

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Obtain your certificate of conformity within just one click!

Make life simpler! Obtain your certificate of conformity within just one click, thanks to The EuroCoc company is specialized in online conformity certificate queries. Thanks to the good relations EuroCoc has with major European distributors and its multilingual client service, EuroCoc has satisfied more than 14,000 customers in recent years. Therefore, if you buy a car in the European Union, you can save time and money thanks to EuroCoc!


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A great address for obtaining your conformity certificates…

To obtain good deals, some prefer buying their cars abroad. However, they often forget that they need to have a compulsory document in order to have their car registered at home: the certificate of conformity! To obtain this certificate, you have to go to the DRIRE and fill in a form, or you can contact the manufacturer. However, if you want to save time and obtain your certificate of conformity much faster and easier, simply go to: It is there that you can find prices for any respective make and country. Of course, the service is more expensive than obtaining the certificate yourself. Regardless, it can still give you an idea of the prices for any certificate according to the respective make and country. This is especially useful for those bringing a Lotus over from England! However, be careful with undeclared vehicles. The steps are much more complicated…