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EuroCoc is a leader in COC mediation for vehicles. But what is a COC?

A Certificate of conformity is the absolute easiest way to register an imported car in nearly every European country. The COC includes the vehicle identification information, manufacturer, approval number, and other technical specifications.  They also have standard protective signs that are typical for individual factory certificates. However, sometimes it is not added to your car when you purchase it. For an individual, obtaining this document is far too difficult and complicated. That is where we come in!

Who are we? 

A team of devoted specialists. We love providing excellent customer service and going one step further in helping our clients. Our core value is keeping all of our relationships with clients and suppliers transparent, open, and friendly. We continually challenge ourselves with learning new languages and registration procedures in all European countries. :) And when there is some time left for fun, we prefer to enjoy it the best we can!

What do we do?

EuroCoc is specialised in the online intermediation of COCs. In our nine years of operation, we have delivered more than 120,000 COCs for individuals as well as companies specialised in the import and export of vehicles. We have also become one of the leading European companies that provide this service. We have established a wide network of suppliers which is a guarantee of great service and the key to effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability. Our customer service is available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian) and provides all the help that customers may need. The fast processing of orders and their delivery by the courier service UPS means clients will always receive their COC swiftly. Therefore, if you buy a car in the European Union, you can save time and money all thanks to EuroCoc!
We help customers register imported vehicles. If you are ready to try our service, please go to and simply indicate the car’s details and the country that it is from and then we will inform you of the total fees and deadline.

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Who is this?

This is COCie, he loves cookies! He is a new member of our staff but is already one of the best performing employees. You can find him in several places at the same time, always trying to brighten the place up a little. Who wouldn’t love him?