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Coc ordering process is inactive

10 March 2021 Dear Clients Our ordering process is down due to a Force Majeure situation in our datacenters: #Strasbourg Un bâtiment de stockage de serveurs informatiques @OVHcloud_FR ravagé par un incendie #DNAinfos — Antoine Bonin (@abonin_DNA) March 10, 2021 Our technicians have already been working on the solution and ordering process might be restored within few hours.…
10. 03. 2021
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Full Power Motorbikes: France’s 100 HP restriction

Full Power Motorbikes: France's 100 HP restriction Despite the harmonization of the laws of European countries, France is still an exception when it comes to the maximum admissible engine power of motorbikes as the year of 2016 marked the end of 100-horsepower limit required by the French state under certain conditions. Following the Regulation (EU) n° 168/2013 applicable within the…
22. 01. 2021
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WLTP cycle replaces NEDC

WLTP cycle replaces NEDC The NEDC cycle The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) was a driving cycle designed to represent typical driving conditions on European roads. The NEDC test cycle was mainly used to measure fuel consumption and pollution from vehicle emissions by means of the test procedure covered within the scope of Directive 70/220/EEC, which set permissible emission limits for…
08. 06. 2020
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Right-hand traffic and left-hand traffic

Right-hand traffic and left-hand traffic Left-hand traffic (LHT) and right-hand traffic (RHT) are the practice, in bidirectional traffic, of keeping to the left side or to the right side of the road, respectively. In LHT, traffic keeps left, and cars have the steering wheel on the right, putting the driver on the side closest to the centre of the road,…
14. 05. 2020
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Top 10 myths about ordering a Certificate of Conformity online

Top 10 myths about ordering a Certificate of Conformity online (that will save you plenty of money) Seeing what is going on the market of COCs, we put together the most frequent mistakes customers make when buying COC online. Please read these top 10 myths quickly, or in a full article below Myth #1: Someone who speaks my language knows…
06. 04. 2020
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Onboard documents in Belgium

Onboard documents in Belgium Every country has its own rules and certain documents are required at roadside checks. If you’re a Belgian citizen and want to drive with confidence, make sure you have the originals of all necessary documents before any road trip: driving licence, certificate of insurance, vehicle registration certificate, roadworthiness inspection certificate and certificate of conformity. Driving licence: Pursuant to Article 21 of the law…
08. 01. 2020
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Onboard documents in Luxembourg

Onboard documents in Luxembourg In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the obligatory onboard documents are the following: driving license, insurance certificate, vehicle registration certificate, road tax sticker and since 2016, a certificate of conformity or a copy certified by the National Society of Automobile Traffic (“SNCA - Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile”). Driving licence: Any person driving a vehicle must possess…
18. 12. 2019
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How do I get Single Vehicle Approval for my car?

How do I get Single Vehicle Approval for my car in France? Great! My vehicle is finally back in France! Only registering the car remains to be done. Hmm... this might be a little bit more complicated than I’d expected. In fact, many of us get stuck in this stage because in order to obtain a certificate of conformity for a…
25. 11. 2019
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Car registrations in Italy

Car registrations in Italy On 4 December 2018, in Italy, a new law entered into force. This law states that every person permanently residing in Italy for more than 60 days and using a vehicle with foreign licence plates must register the vehicle in Italy and change the licence plates into Italian ones. The reason for its implementation was the…
10. 10. 2019
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How do I obtain my Digital ID?

How do I obtain my Digital ID? My Digital ID allows me to simplify and secure all of my actions online: health insurance space, tax returns, registration certificate application, postal service, transportation...via my connection FranceConnect.
06. 06. 2019