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3D printed cars – for demanding customers or for the masses?

3D printed designer car small | 3D printed cars | EuroCoc

”If only I could design my own car.“

Many of us used to dream as kids about a one-of-a-kind car that would perfectly fit our taste. This vision seems to be getting closer to reality than ever. Jay Roger is the CEO of Local Motors, a company that built the Strati – the world´s first 3D printed car. Jay shares a vision that in the near future customers will be able to choose a design in a car dealership and collect it at the end of the day.

Strati (translated from the Italian as “layers“) took years to design and 44 hours to print. Of more than 200 submissions for the call for a workable 3D printed car design, the one by Michele Anoe from Italy was finally chosen. Most cars have approximately 6,000 parts. Strati has only 49 parts including the biggest – its body printed in one piece.

Strati is the first drivable 3D printed car, and definitely means a step towards new manufacturing opportunities. Its impact on the car industry could be as revolutionary as Henry Ford´s assembly line.

Note: In the picture you can see a 3D printed liquid metal car designed by Ioan Florea presented at the 2014 NY International Auto show.