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30 May 2024

Estonia – Vehicle Registration Certificate

30 May 2024 4 min read
Estonia Vehicle Registration Certificate EUROCOC | Estonia - Vehicle Registration Certificate | EUROCOC

Are you planning on registering your vehicle in Estonia? If so, you will probably be searching for more information about the Estonia vehicle registration certificate (VRC).

This post aims to provide comprehensive information about the Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus, the vehicle registration document necessary in Estonia. Whether you’ve recently purchased a vehicle in Estonia or are considering relocating there, understanding the Estonian VRC is essential.

In this article, we will delve into the details of the vehicle registration document, including its format, colour, safety markings, and the institution responsible for issuing it. We’ll ensure you understand what the Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus looks like and the information it contains.

The Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus

The Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus is the official proof of a vehicle’s registration in Estonia. This essential document validates the legal status of your vehicle, ensuring compliance with all Estonian regulations and requirements.

This vehicle registration certificate provides crucial information about the vehicle and its owner, including details like the make, model, engine specifications, vehicle identification number (VIN), registration number, and the name and address of the registered owner.

Components of the Vehicle Registration Certificate

The Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus contains vital information about a vehicle and its owner. Some of the information included in the vehicle registration certificate is:

Vehicle Information

The certificate contains detailed information about the vehicle, such as the brand, model, year of manufacture, engine type, cubic capacity, and colour. These details are essential for identification and classification purposes.

Registration Information

This section provides the vehicle’s unique registration number, registration date, and expiration date of the current registration period. It is crucial to monitor the expiration date to ensure timely renewal.

Owner Details

The certificate will display the registered owner’s name, address, and identification number. It is essential to keep this information up-to-date with personal details or address changes.

Overview of the 2019 Estonian Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)

Estonia vehicle registration document EUROCOC | Estonia - Vehicle Registration Certificate | EUROCOC

The Estonian Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) is a crucial official document that proves a vehicle’s registration in Estonia. It is a 105 x 220 mm paper document, green in colour, and consists of only 1 part.

The VRC contains comprehensive information about the vehicle and its ownership, ensuring legal compliance with Estonian regulations.

The information included in the Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus

The following details are included in the certificate:

A) Registration Number

B) Date of First Registration of the Vehicle

C) Personal Data

D) Vehicle Information

E) Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

F) Mass

G) Mass of the Vehicle in Service with Bodywork

H) Period of Validity

I) Date of the Registration

J) Vehicle Category

K) Type-Approval Number

L) Number of Axles

M) Wheelbase (in mm)

N) Distribution of Technically Permissible Maximum Laden Mass among the Axles.

O) Technically Permissible Maximum Towable Mass of the Trailer

P) Engine Information

Q) Power/Weight Ratio (only for motorcycles)

R) Colour of the Vehicle

S) Seating Capacity

T) Maximum Speed (in km/h)

U) Sound Level

V) Exhaust Emissions

W) Fuel Tank(s) Capacity (in litres)

Security Features

Fluorescent Fibres: Multi-colored fibres visible under UV light for authentication.

Watermark: Includes the Estonian coat of arms with three left-facing lions, visible when tilting and viewing the document.

The Estonian VRC’s combination of physical description and robust security features ensures its authenticity and integrity, providing a reliable record of the vehicle’s registration and ownership details for legal purposes in Estonia.

The Institution Responsible for Issuing the Estonia Vehicle Registration Certificate

The institution responsible for issuing the Sõiduki Registreerimistunnistus is the Estonian Road Administration.

More information about the Estonian Transport Administration can be found on their website.

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