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Importing a car from Sweden to France

Sweden is part of the European Union. Located in Scandinavia, in the north of Europe, this country has an evolving car market: with 200 to 300,000 vehicles produced each year. Volvo and Saab are the two leading brands, renowned for their reliability and safety.

Do you want to import a car from Sweden to France? EuroCOC gives you all the information you need to drive legally. Buying a car in Sweden is an opportunity that it would be a shame not to explore.

Importing a car from Sweden to France: the Swedish market and its advantages

Sweden offers a very large used car market with prices that are still advantageous compared to a country like France. The price difference is in the taxes and the selling price of the new car. The Swedes are also very quality-conscious, with regular maintenance and compliance with manufacturer standards. Buying a car in Sweden undoubtedly gives different guarantees. People who are interested in buying a car in Sweden can either go directly to a professional garage or to a private person, checking their identity.

There are two ways for people to bring their used car back from Sweden: they can either use an agent for a fee that is usually more than €1,000, or they can pick up their car themselves, taking care to complete all the necessary formalities so that they can drive freely in Europe.

How to import a car from Sweden to France

Whether you want to import a new car (i.e. less than 6 months old and 6,000 km) or a second-hand car, there are administrative procedures and money transfers to be completed.

To import a car from Sweden to France, you must at least have a temporary registration certificate with a specific number issued by the ANTS (Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés).

What are the administrative procedures for an import from Sweden?

There are several documents to complete the application:

  • the old vehicle registration document issued in Sweden;
  • the transfer invoice or proof of purchase of the vehicle;
  • a document proving your identity and proof of residence less than 3 months old (electricity or water bill, etc.);
  • your driving licence;
  • the customs clearance certificate or tax receipt issued by the tax office;
  • the COC or European Certificate of Conformity;
  • proof that the vehicle has been insured, such as a certificate from the insurance company;

Buying a car in Sweden is no more complicated than buying one in another European country.

Organising to bring your car from Sweden to France

A route plan will have to be made for you to import a car from Sweden to France. There are 2,500 km between the two countries, with a minimum journey time of 18 hours on the motorways. Here is the shortest route from Stockholm to Paris:

  1. drive from Stockholm to Kobenhavn;
  2. Drive from Stockholm to Kobenhavn; – Drive to Denmark in the direction of Sierksdorf;
  3. then cross the border into Belgium: the A2 motorway is near Brussels;
  4. to Paris and France.

The cost of a car in Sweden is about €250. Several days of travel should be planned.

It is advisable to pay the money in person and avoid using financial institutions that allow online transfers.

Buying a car in Sweden: how to get the COC?

To import a car from Sweden to France, you must have the European Certificate of Conformity or COC. This document is necessary to obtain a registration number and a French vehicle registration document.

The best way to order your COC is to go through a company that is an expert in the field, such as EuroCOC, the market leader for certificates of conformity in Europe. The speed of execution and the responsiveness of the team guarantee the best service. It is possible to import a car from Sweden to France and drive it legally as soon as it arrives.

Let’s take an example: you want to register a Volvo and you request the corresponding COC through the homepage of EuroCOC. By clicking on “I need a COC”, a step-by-step guide appears. You know how to proceed: after consulting the price and delivery time, you order in 3 minutes. The order form allows you to check the net amount and the amount including VAT. You know that there are no hidden costs.

Some advantages of ordering from EuroCOC

When you bought a car in Sweden, you took all the necessary precautions to make sure that the vehicle was what you wanted. It is important that the same applies to the administrative procedures.

When it comes to the certificate of conformity, the formalities must be carried out carefully in order to obtain the document quickly. Don’t forget to provide the required documents: the VIN (chassis number) and the copy of the registration certificate.

EuroCOC is committed to several things:

  • the prices are fixed and transparent: the amount never changes during the course of the order;
  • the documents are original and authentic, valid throughout Europe, in the EEA countries and in Switzerland. Usually can see the watermark on the first page; or signature or other security feature.
  • EuroCOC is a service partner, member of the European Association of Independent Vehicle Distributors (EAIVT);
  • various solutions are offered to obtain the COC as quickly as possible: for example, an electronic COC service is available.

If you are in a hurry to import your car from Sweden, you can rely on a company that has been in existence for over 20 years.

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