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Car registrations in Italy

Car registrations in Italy On 4 December 2018, in Italy, a new law entered into force. This law states that every person permanently residing in Italy for more than 60 days and using a vehicle with foreign licence plates must register the vehicle in Italy and change the licence plates into Italian ones. The reason for its implementation was the…
10. 10. 2019
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How do I obtain my Digital ID?

How do I obtain my Digital ID? My Digital ID allows me to simplify and secure all of my actions online: health insurance space, tax returns, registration certificate application, postal service, transportation...via my connection FranceConnect.
06. 06. 2019
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10th anniversary

Celebrating 10 years anniversary with you! Because of you, we: are the biggest intermediary company for COC on the EU market can deliver COC for more than 65 makes take care of our customers in 5 different languages have delivered more than 241000 COCs so far constantly improve the ordering process keep our commitment of responsible sales with transparent and final prices You have earned our big THANK YOU!
11. 04. 2018
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Apple secret car project

What is Apple’s secret car project hiding? A clandestine project under Apple’s baton with the bombastic Project Titan name has been developing a self-driving electric car that will fundamentally change the automotive industry. According to the latest reports from the New York Times, BuzzFeed and the Wall Street Journal, Apple has laid off dozens of employees working on Project Titan.…
03. 10. 2016
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Hyundai car designers working at full speed

Hyundai car designers working at full speed The car manufacturer Hyundai is transforming its portfolio, making electric cars the new backbone of its vehicle production. New technologies are growing exponentially, and the company must be able to construct new electric vehicles every two years. The company is currently working on a model that will have increased battery capacity from the…
19. 07. 2016
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New child seats technology aims to prevent unfortunate deaths

New child seats technology aims to prevent unfortunate deaths How to prevent consequences of fatal errors when a driver forgets their sleeping baby in the car seat on a hot day? Probably the most threatening nightmare of all parents has a solution thanks to new technology in specially adapted child seats, which will warn parents that their child is still…
17. 06. 2016