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Autonomous cars will have to learn to communicate with pedestrians

Autonomous cars will have to learn to communicate with pedestrians The technology that is essential for navigating and controlling an autonomous vehicle – keeping a car on the road at the right coordinates – is just one of the many challenges faced by autonomous cars. Even more challenging is the fact that in the near future autonomous cars will be…
19. 04. 2016
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Dilemma of selfdriving cars programme

Kill oncoming pedestrians or turn steering wheel to sacrifice yourself? Dilemma of self-driving cars programme Imagine getting a lift in a self-driving car that is driving instead of you. You feel comfortable in the car, having your morning coffee, and you enjoy looking around without having to monitor the traffic and drive. But your idyllic moment is interrupted by the…
22. 02. 2016
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5 most durable cars these machines survive the most kilometres

Five most durable cars - these machines survive the most kilometres Some cars struggle with endurance and some go round the world ten times. In the following statistics, we reveal the top five most durable cars. Some cars have a reputation for surviving everything, whilst others break apart on the way home. Reliable statistics show the cars that break down…
04. 11. 2015
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Scientists have developed synthetic fuel

Scientists have developed synthetic fuel The constantly rising price of oil and the fact that it is a non-renewable source of energy has been forcing the automotive industry to look for alternative power sources for the future of the industry. Electric cars have already begun spreading around the world but they are still not a satisfactory replacement for gasoline and…
24. 07. 2015
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Amazon Audi trunk delivery

Do you order from Amazon? Then you might be pleased by the “Trunk delivery” option Ever since the invention of the car, it was clear to people that its primary purpose would be to move people from point A to point B and shorten the distance between destinations. Several more uses have been added over time. The car has become a place…
29. 05. 2015
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RTU engine from Slovakia outruns all ordinary engines

RTU engine from Slovakia outruns all ordinary engines Dick Kvetňanský from Slovakia is likely to change the history of the automotive industry. He has produced car replicas for Hollywood, then his own cars which he sent to the US as puzzle pieces, he has constructed a special racing car using soybean oil as fuel, and now he might start a…
02. 04. 2015
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Introducing Schemnitz Group

Introducing Schemnitz Group - SKODA, VW, PEUGEOT, HYUNDAI from Eastern Europe Michal, EuroCoc is well-known mostly for offering a high quality service by providing COCs (Certificates of Conformity) to customers around Europe. By creating the Schemnitz Group, you are broadening your activities into car trading. First of all, how did you choose the commercial name Schemnitz? Schemnitz is an old…
26. 03. 2015
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Tegra X1 super chip

The Tegra X1 Chip or Put Your Trust in Driverless Cars Nvidia has introduced a new super chip Tegra X1 which proudly received a nickname – the world´s first mobile super chip. Tegra´s responsibility will be to generate the required horsepower that is necessary to process images the cars can see, and use such images to analyse on-road situations. Due to being…
21. 01. 2015
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3D printed cars

3D printed cars – for demanding customers or for the masses? ”If only I could design my own car.“ Many of us used to dream as kids about a one-of-a-kind car that would perfectly fit our taste. This vision seems to be getting closer to reality than ever. Jay Roger is the CEO of Local Motors, a company that built the Strati…
05. 12. 2014

Peter Groeftehauge Autorola interviewed by EuroCoc

“We are proud to be Danes” Peter Groeftehauge Autorola, Founder and CEO, interviewed by EuroCoc was established in 2001. As a pioneer in the area of online car auctions, they operate auctions in 17 European countries. Through their broad network of private individuals, companies, and fleet owners, they offer a unique opportunity to buy good wholesale cars.   This newsletter is…
01. 12. 2014