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Everything you need to know about importing cars into Algeria

Car import into Algeria has just been authorised again by the authorities, subject to conditions. Suspended for several years, this practice will concern cars no older than three years old. Car dealers will again be able to choose which cars from Europe or other countries will be put to sale. This has been a significant improvement for the African car industry.
Here are the new regulations for importing cars into Algeria.

Obtaining approval to import new cars

Importing a car into Algeria requires various approvals. Private individuals and professionals are obliged to take several steps to avoid passing through local car manufacturers offering vehicles at exorbitant prices. Until now, few solutions were offered to the inhabitants of the North African country.
The problem was the same for the import of second-hand cars into Algeria. Thanks to the new measures implemented in 2020 under the finance law, changes are taking place also in this sector. Executive Decree No. 21-175 sets out the rules for each type of car purchase in Algeria and Article 14 gives access to the list of documents to be provided. It is up to the importer to request approval. Article 110 deals with the authorisation to import a car into Algeria and specifies the duties and taxes under common law to be paid during the process.

What documents are required to import a car into Algeria?

The import of vehicles less than 3 years old is highly regulated. Various documents are required by the authorities for the transaction to take place:

• a document proving that the vehicle has passed the technical inspection in a centre approved by the Ministry of Industry;
• a document referring to pollution, proving that the vehicle meets current standards and respects the environment. The emission standards are for example listed on the certificate of conformity issued by the car manufacturer;
• a certificate from the border police certifying that the vehicle is neither stolen nor wanted.
Importers have at their disposal data on the prices of the different models that can be imported. The choice of cars in Algeria is controlled at various levels. In addition, to purchase a car in Algeria, a foreign exchange account must be opened.

Obtaining a certificate of conformity to buy a car in Algeria

The European certificate of conformity provides proof that the vehicle respects and follows the directives of the European community. Issued by the manufacturer, this official document proves that the vehicle comes from a specific production line. Once declared compliant, the car is assigned a Community type-approval number.

The European certificate is requested when the car is first registered and remains obligatory for all car imports into Algeria or elsewhere.

When a car is imported into Algeria, the certificate of conformity (COC) attests to low CO2 emissions and compliance with the standards in force. This certificate is valid for both new and used vehicles. It can be issued for any vehicle with EU type-approval: 2 or 4-wheelers of type L, as well as for M1 and N1 vehicles. The COC document certifies the manufacturer’s approval. In France, this document is required when it comes to getting new vehicle registration document.
EuroCOC takes care of the requests immediately and sends the COC quickly so as not to delay the arrival of the vehicle registration document.

The EUROCOC procedure to help importers

EUROCOC helps you to obtain your Certificate of Conformity (COC), which is necessary for the registration of the car and the issuance of a new registration certificate, without necessity to wait for ages. Regardless of the country of import, a delivery time is guaranteed. The process is simple:
• visit our website and click on the make of the car (passenger car or commercial vehicle) which you need a COC for;
• click on “order”;
• proceed to secure online payment while being protected thanks to the encrypted connection.
The documents provided are always authentic and original. EUROCOC is an internationally recognized company and member of the European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders (EAIVT).
Buying a car in Algeria follows strict rules. If you encounter any difficulties when applying for your European certificate, you can call the EUROCOC customer service. This service is available to both private and professional customers.