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Useful Guide To Importing A Car From UK To Northern Ireland

Following the exit of the UK from the EU, lots of changes have been put in place as regards the importation of goods, cars included. Certain older processes no longer apply and you must now follow the new rules when importing a vehicle in and out of the UK.

Northern Ireland, despite still being part of the UK, has a few importation guidelines and steps that must be adhered to when bringing your car into the country.

This guide provides information on the processes to complete when importing a vehicle from UK to Northern Ireland, either by yourself or through someone else.

Importing Vehicles From The UK To Northern Ireland

A degree of free movement exists between the UK and Northern Ireland, as they are both non-EU countries.

Certain important documents that would ordinarily be required when importing a car from an EU country like Spain are not necessary here.

An EU Certificate of Conformity is an example of an essential document that would be needed to complete the importation and registration process for vehicles brought to an EU country. You can process your CoC here when importing a car into an EU country.

You can freely move your vehicle between the UK and Northern Ireland, provided specific requirements are met.

  • One such requirement is that the car is registered either in England or Northern Ireland.
  • The vehicle should also be for private use, as opposed to using it for commercial purposes.

It is also possible to get relief from customs duty when bringing a car from England to Northern Ireland.

When personally moving your car, you should make a declaration by conduct. Drive past the customs control point with the vehicle. Pass through the “green channel” on getting to Northern Ireland at the entry port or drive through the entry port if there is no green channel.

You may be asked for a goods movement reference (GMR) during check-in when moving through certain areas. Inform them that the car is your personal property and you are a private citizen, which does not often warrant a GMR.

You should also be exempt from completing an entry summary declaration, otherwise called a safety or security declaration.

Importing Your Vehicle Into Northern Ireland By Proxy

If someone else is importing a car from UK to Northern Ireland in 2022, on your behalf, they will need to obtain a goods movement reference. Since entering a reference for your car is mandatory, here is what to provide to get a GMR:

  • Your vehicle registration number.
  • An import movement reference number if applicable.
  • Entry summary declaration movement reference number which was given to you after registration.
  • An EORI number if you are not moving the vehicle for personal use.
  • A movement reference number generated by NCTS or a paper copy of the transit declaration.
  • The person or removal company importing the car on your behalf will also need to make a declaration.

People that are new to the customs processes of bringing a car from England can get help from the Trader Support Service. They simply need to sign up and will get guidance about changes resulting from the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Trader Support Service is authorized by the HMRC so you can be sure any guidance you get from them is authentic.

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