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10 March 2023

Irish DVLA

10 March 2023
4 min read
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Are you looking for information about the Irish DVLA? Unsure what the Irish equivalent of the DVLA is or how to contact them? 

This blog post will cover all you need to know about the Irish DVLA. You will discover what the Northern Ireland DVA is, and learn more about the RSA in the Republic of Ireland.

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What is the DVA?

The DVA is the Irish Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland. Similarly to the UK DVLA, the DVA is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle testing, roadside enforcement, and they are responsible for those who drive for a living.

The aim of the Driver and Vehicle Agency is to deliver improved road safety and better regulation of the transport sector.

Further information about the responsibilities of the Irish DVLA can be found on the Northern here and here

What Services do the DVA Provide?

The majority of information about DVA’s functions can be found on nidirect, the government services website for people living in Northern Ireland. The DVA are primarily responsible for managing driver licensing, MOT and vehicle testing, driving tests, driving for a living, and roadside enforcement.

Driver Licensing and Vehicle Testing

The DVA are responsible for managing driver licensing in Northern Ireland. You will need to contact the DVA in Northern Ireland if you need a new or updated licence, to tell the DVA about a medical condition, or to find out information about endorsements, disqualifications, what vehicles you can drive with foreign licence. For more information click here. For information on how to obtain a driving licence in Northern Ireland, click here. 

The DVA are also responsible for your vehicle’s MOT in Northern Ireland. For more information on how to access the MOT service from the DVA, click here. 

Driving for a Living 

If you drive for a living in Northern Ireland you may need information about tachographs, graduated fixed penalties and deposit schemes. In addition, it may be useful to read up on roadside compliance, and how to get a driver certificate of professional competence or professional conduct. For this and more information on driving for a living in Northern Ireland, click here.

Roadside enforcement 

The DVA also promote compliance with licensing, roadworthiness and other legal requirements in respect of goods and passenger carrying operators and vehicles. More information can be found on the nidirect website here. 

What is the RSA?

The Road Safety Agency (RSA) is a department in the Republic of Ireland’s government that is responsible for promoting the safe use of Ireland’s roads, and managing driver licensing, as well as establishing a vehicles’ roadworthiness and other road safety standards.

What Services do the RSA Provide?

 Like the DVA, one of the main services the RSA provide is getting a driver licence in the ROI. As well as providing vehicle licensing services, the RSA offers a variety of services depending on the type of driver you are.

Learner Drivers

Learner drivers can learn about the different types of driver licence available in ROI. They can also find information on how to get a learner permit, book their theory and practical driving tests, and how to find reputable driving lessons.

More information for learner drivers in ROI can be found here. 

Licensed Drivers

Licensed drivers can manage their driving licence, update the RSA of any existing medical conditions they may have that could impact their ability to safely drive, and how penalty points on their licence work. 

More information for licensed drivers in ROI can be found here.

Vehicle Owners

There is also a section on the RSA website dedicated to vehicle owners and vehicle management. Here vehicle owners can learn more about road safety tests for their vehicle, how to replace missing documents, vehicle safety recalls, and vehicle legislation. 

More information for vehicle owners in ROI can be found here. 

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