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COC order

How to order a Certificate of Conformity?

The easiest way to request a certificate of conformity is to order it online at There you will find the menu that will allow you to place your order. If you wish to order more certificates of conformity in the future, it might be interesting to register during the order to have accessible follow-up. You will have to choose the type of vehicle and its make. You will then have an automatic indication of the price and processing time and you can validate the order. Complete the simple form with your contact details and vehicle information, make the payment and we will take care of the rest.

1. Choose vehicle type and make.
In most cases, you don’t need to worry about a vehicle model.

2. Fill out the form with your contact details.
-Choose the payment
(Paypal, Credit card, Bank Transfer).
-Choose delivery options
(2,9 Euro Economy – 19,9 Euro Fast+Digital).
-It is easy! Just have your VIN (vehicle identification number) ready and vehicle documents at hand and fill out the online form.

3. Pay at the end of the ordering process.
And that’s it! Kickback and wait for your COC to come. We will take care of everything.

Who should make the order of a Certificate of conformity? I’m not the owner of the car.

Anyone is eligible to make an order of a COC.

What documents are necessary in order to place an order for a Certificate of conformity?

According to the year, the type and the brand of your vehicle, different documents may be requested to place an order for a Certificate of Conformity. Most often, it is necessary to submit the previous Certificate of registration of the vehicle. In certain cases, EUROCOC also asks for a copy of the personal ID or a copy of the back side of the passport, the invoice or purchase agreement, a photo of the homologation plate of the vehicle or its engraved VIN plate. EUROCOC always requests only documents that are required to mediate a COC. Sending the requested documents in an eligible format is necessary to complete your order of the Certificate of Conformity.

I am a car trader and I want to get a COC for my client. Is it possible?

Of course, EUROCOC delivers certificates of conformity to many other companies – car traders, importers, exporters, dealers. You can indicate on our order form different delivery and invoicing addresses. The consignee does not have to be identical to the buyer. However, the payment is requested from the buyer

I don´t have all the documents necessary for completing the order of a Certificate of conformity. Can I send them later eventually?

Be aware it is not possible to process your order of a COC without having all of the documents required. Therefore, if you cannot upload the required documents in the ordering form, please inform us about that and send them to as soon as possible.

What do I do if I cannot find the make of my car in the list?

In case the make of the car you are looking for is not displayed on the list, that means we cannot provide you with a COC because we do not have any supplier for this make. We advise you to contact the representative of the make in the country of next registration directly.

I have a vehicle that has never been registered and I possess no documents. Can I get a COC?

This depends on the make of the vehicle. Please, contact us via e-mail to and send us a photo of a homologation label of your vehicle as well as information regarding the make, model, year and country of the first and next registration. Then we will try to verify the availability of the COC.

I found no number of the EC type approval in the Vehicle Registration Book. Does this mean that I cannot order a COC?

In case there is no EC type approval indicated in the Certificate of registration, it may be the case that your vehicle (though already registered in an EU country) does not have this approval. However, the EC type approval number may be indicated in the homologation plate and in this case, the certificate of conformity should be available. If the vehicle does not have the EC type approval, it does not have a COC.

I am unable to select the correct year of the first registration. How can I do that?

If you cannot select the correct year of the first registration in the ordering form menu, the certificate of conformity will probably not be available.

The COC is not available for my vehicle. Does it mean it is impossible to register it?

There should be a possibility to register it, however, another document than the COC will be necessary. If the vehicle doesn´t fulfill conditions necessary to be eligible for COC, contact the manufacturer in the country of next registration to get a national certificate. In case the COC is not available for the given vehicle because it has been imported from a non-EU member country, the vehicle has to subsequently undergo single vehicle approval procedure, where it will be modified in accordance with the EU standards.

I have lost my COC. Can I get a new copy?

Yes, the order for another duplicate of COC is possible. Please bear in mind, that you have to provide all other necessary documents during ordering procedure to get a COC. In some extraordinary cases, if your previous COC has been issued very recently, the next issuance may be blocked. In any case, our customer service agents are ready to help you and to inform you how to follow.

Can I cancel my order of a Certificate of conformity?

The COC is a document issued for a specific and unique vehicle VIN, and only unprocessed orders can be cancelled. An order may be cancelled before your payment. At the moment of your payment, we pay for your COC to our suppliers so that your order is processed as soon as possible. At this point in the process, we cannot cancel it any longer and the document cannot be returned. You can read our full terms and conditions here.

Is it possible to submit a complaint?

A written complaint may be submitted to indicating the following details: – Contact information, order number, and reasons of the complaint. If the hand-over of a damaged document is involved, contact us and we will deal with this claim as soon as possible.