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Five most durable cars - these machines survive the most kilometres

Some cars struggle with endurance and some go round the world ten times. In the following statistics, we reveal the top five most durable cars.

Some cars have a reputation for surviving everything, whilst others break apart on the way home. Reliable statistics show the cars that break down the most and least. The most sophisticated reports are issued by TÜV, whose team of inspectors uncover the smallest technical and construction defects. More humorous statistical interpretations introduce horror cars, which spend more time in service than on the road.

Our statistics do not focus on the reliability of cars, but rather the durability of cars that in the last 21 years have covered the most kilometres.


Audi A8 white

5. Audi A8  

Average journey of 411 cars, with number of driven kilometres over 200 000, is 231 619 km.

BMW 728i E38

4. BMW 728i E38

This Bavarian-built car with 190 horsepower on average covers 243 584 km.

Volvo 850

3. Volvo 850

Average number of driven kilometres for this oldest model on our list is 262 812 km.

Mercedes Benz E290

2. Mercedes-Benz E 290 CDI W210

Second position goes to this diesel, a favourite amongst German taxi drivers. Average number of kilometres is 268 969 km.

Volvo V70

1. Volvo V70 I. generation

The winner is the Volvo V70 with average driven kilometres of 273 139.

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