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New child seats technology aims to prevent unfortunate deaths

 Evenflo Embrace DLX car seat

How to prevent consequences of fatal errors when a driver forgets their sleeping baby in the car seat on a hot day?

Probably the most threatening nightmare of all parents has a solution thanks to new technology in specially adapted child seats, which will warn parents that their child is still in the car. The tragic death of a baby girl forgotten in the car on a hot day last summer once again increased the interest of parents in the safety of their children carried in cars.

The unfortunate tragedy that could have been easily avoided created demand for a new product that could prevent such accidents. It is a specially designed child seat that can prevent similar tragic situations.
The new Evenflo Embrace DLX child seat contains sensors that trigger an alarm immediately after the engine is turned off if they detect that a child is still inside the car.

The Evenflo child seat has a receiver that plugs into a data port, similar to that used by mechanics when diagnosing vehicles. The receiver is connected via WiFi to a sensor located on the strap across a child's chest.

As soon as the car moves, the sensor on the strap connects to the receiver in the data port. When the vehicle stops and contact is interrupted, a distinctive audible alarm sounds. This audio alarm is designed to be different than any other car or mobile phone sound.
The special baby car seat is currently sold through the Walmart US chain e-shop for about $150.

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