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The Tegra X1 Chip or Put Your Trust in Driverless Cars

Nvidia has introduced a new super chip Tegra X1 which proudly received a nickname – the world´s first mobile super chip. Tegra´s responsibility will be to generate the required horsepower that is necessary to process images the cars can see, and use such images to analyse on-road situations.

Due to being able to understand the environment around the car, it could be compared to a supercomputer. The future of driverless cars is imminent. The direct consequence will most likely be an increased number of digital displays in cars.

Two integrated Tegra X1 chips collect data from 12 HD cameras that monitor the environment as well as dangerous blind spots. Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said: "We believe that future cars will be the most advanced computers in the world."

21. 01. 2015 / / 0 Comments