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You can drive your foreign vehicles on Hungarian roads for up to six months after which you must register the vehicle to get a Hungary number plate.

The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services is the body responsible for Hungarian car registration and other public administration affairs.

You will learn the important details concerning registration, including the documents required when importing a car to Hungary.

How Does The Hungarian Car Registration System Work?

Registration of all vehicles imported from non-EEA countries differs slightly from the process of registering cars imported from EU member states and other European countries belonging to the EEA (European Economic Area).

Both processes begin with an application at the Document Service Center, which can either be done in person or by proxy.

The origin of used imported vehicles from countries and states belonging to the European Economic Area has to be checked before registration. There would also be a verification of the past originality inspection after which you can go on with the actual registration process.

Here are the documents you will need for vehicle registration in Hungary whether or not your car was imported from an EU member state: 

  • Identification verification document.
  • Original certification of ownership document or an authentic copy with Hungarian translation.
  • Proof of payment for third-party insurance.
  • Certification of registration tax payment where applicable.
  • A European Certificate of Conformity (COC): This is often necessary, as it shows that a vehicle is fit for use on European roads. Vehicle manufacturers normally issue this certificate but you can get a valid COC here without delay.
  • Certification of technical eligibility by the transport authority.
  • Receipt showing payment of registration certificate and ownership booklet.
  • Hungary number plate and validity sticker payment receipts.

You will also need to show your original foreign ownership booklet and registration certificate if the vehicle was imported from a non-EEA member state.

How To Apply For Hungary Number Plates?

Applying for Hungary licence plates for new imported cars is part of the vehicle registration process. Although, you can apply for temporary plates for used vehicles if your foreign number plates are missing.

You will provide a certificate from the foreign country that verifies the documents cannot be found.

How Much For Car Registration In Hungary?

The vehicle origin check process costs an administrative fee of 10,900 HUF. You will pay 3,500 HUF for a temporary registration certificate if you request that and 13,000 HUF for number plates containing the letter “E”.

The ownership booklet and registration certificates required during the registration process cost 6,000 HUF each while the fee for number plates is 8,500 HUF. Also, you will be required to pay for the Hungray number plate validity sticker and that attracts a separate fee of 585 HUF.

What Do Hungarian Car Number Plates Look Like?

Hungarian licence plates consist of seven characters separated with a hyphen and the country’s coat of arms. The characters sit on a white background except for the far left corner which has a blue color. This section carries the European flag and beneath it is the Hungarian international vehicle registration code, “H”.

Certain plug-in hybrids and electric cars have Hungary number plates with a green background which entitles them to advantages like free parking in some cities. Commercial plates feature a yellow background while diplomatic cars have licence plates with a light blue background. 

Format Of Hungarian Number Plates

Since July 2022, Hungarian licence plates have taken a different outlook. They now contain four letters and three numbers as against the previous format of three letters and three numbers.

The coat of arms separates the first two categories of letters and a hyphen comes before the numbers. This “AA-AA-123” format contains no information about the car’s registration.

What Types Of Hungarian Licence Plates Exist?

Asides from the standard number plates, other types of Hungary plates exist for commercial vehicles, diplomatic cars, and ambulances, among others.

Another special type of plate is the temporary Hungary plate for used vehicles. Temporary licence plates have limited validity and are administered by the Central Office.

Hungarian Custom Number Plates

Customizing your Hungary licence plate is possible and comes with a fee. Personalized plates can either follow the standard format or have a different setup. Characters forming obscene combinations are not allowed.