1. About the company

What does EuroCoc offer?

EuroCoc mediates Certificates of Conformity (CoC) for various brands of vehicles (passenger vehicles and motorcycles) designated for the European market. We focus on prompt delivery of COCs via a simple and clear system of ordering. Certificates of Conformity come directly from the producers or their representatives. These certificates have protective and safety marks that are issued by producers and they are, therefore, valid in all EU countries.

How long have you been present on the market?

EuroCoC has been gathering experience with the mediation of Certificates of Conformity since 2005. We regularly add new possibilities for ordering a COC for new brands or new countries.

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2. Registration

What is the process of registering?

You can register for free through our webpage here.

What are the advantages of a registration?

We recommend that our clients register for free in case they want to order further Certificates of Conformity in the future. The registration on our webpage is simple and enables our clients to obtain an overview of the individual certificates that have been ordered, delivery times, and status of orders.
Setting up an account will allow you to order without having to fill in your details every time you would like to order a CoC.
All you need to do is fill in the data regarding the specific vehicle.

How do I change the data in my account?

Once you are already registered with us, you are able to log into your account anytime you want using your email address and your password. By clicking on “profile settings”, you can change your password, e-mail address, invoicing data, as well as other information. If you have not logged in for a while, it is worth checking your data to ensure that it is still valid and up to date. By clicking on “I forgot my password”, you can change your password.

What data needs to be provided during registration?

When registering, you need to type in the following data: name, surname, e-mail address, password, delivery address and invoicing address if it is different than the delivery address; phone number, cell phone number, company name if you are a company; and VAT ID if you are a VAT payer.

Is my data protected?

All submitted personal data is processed and stored exclusively for the purposes of arranging and delivering the specific product and service. The requested data is relevant for the subject of order. EuroCoc operates the system applying adequate security measures to protect personal data in automated sets of data against accidental or unauthorized damage or sudden loss, as well as against unauthorised access, alteration, or dissemination.

I forgot my password.

If you forget your password, you can click “I forgot my password”. After typing in your e-mail address for which your account has been created, you will receive a new password that is generated by the automated system that you can then use to sign in. Following your signing into the system using the new password generated by the automated system, you can change this password inside your account by clicking “I forgot my password”.
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3. Ordering procedure

How to order a Certificate of Conformity?

The "Quick search" allowing you to submit an order can be found on the main page www.eurococ.eu. If you know that you wish to order more certificates from us, we recommend that you  register. Please, proceed with ordering:
1. Select the language – French/English/German/Spanish/Italian (in the upper right part)
2. Insert the type of the vehicle: Car, light goods vehicle or motorbike.
3. Insert the brand.
4. Select the country of the first registration (If you do not know the country of the first registration of the vehicle or you do not have the Vehicle Registration Book, we recommend you contact our Customer Service)
5. If we shall be able to provide the COC, the system will indicate the price as well as processing time.
6. Click on ORDER.
7. Insert the data regarding the vehicle as well as your personal details in case you order as a guest. If necessary, enclose the requested documents. Documents can be submitted in the following formats: jpg, doc, pdf, zip, rar, png, bmp, and gif. The maximum size of one document is 5 MB.
8. Click CONTINUE.
9. Double check or insert your contact data and invoicing address and delivery address (as applicable), as well as the delivery mode and confirm your agreement to our general conditions and that you are at least 16 years old. Here you can also let us know any additional information in the corresponding field.
If you are a company, provide an individual in the company in charge of the order and do not forget to provide your VAT number so we can issue a correct invoice (If you provide an incorrect or an invalid VAT number in VIES, we will be unable to return you the VAT amount.)
10. Click on CONTINUE.
11. Double check the data entered.
12. Click on CONFIRM. 

Following your confirmation on our website, your order will be processed. We will be contacting you about the further status of your order via e–mail messages. Please include the e-mail address info@eurococ.eu and no-reply@eurococ.eu in your address book so that important e-mail messages that we send to you regarding your order do not end up in your spamfolder.

In case you have not received our automatic e-mails, do not place another order for the same vehicle. Our e-mail may have been blocked by your mailbox (hotmail.com, hotmail.co.uk, hotmail.fr…). This and all the following e-mails will be resent to you manually by our customer service.

What documents are necessary in order to place an order?

According to the year, the brand, and the country of the first registration, different documents may be requested to place an order. Most often, it is necessary to submit the Certificate of registration of the vehicle.

In certain cases, we also ask for a copy of the personal ID or a copy of the back side of the passport, the invoice or purchase agreement, a photo of the homologation plate of the vehicle or its engraved VIN. 

EuroCoc always requests only documents that are required to mediate a COC. Sending the requested documents in an eligible format is required to complete your order of the Certificate of Conformity.

How will the Certificate be delivered to me?

We know how important it is to receive the Certificate of Conformity when you expect it. EuroCoc uses an extensive network of delivery companies to deliver the Certificates of Conformity from its offices to its clients all over Europe and, naturally, also outside of it.
If you order a Certificate of Conformity through our webpage, we recommend that you indicate your work address rather than your home address, since our couriers deliver the shipments during working days from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. and request a personal hand-over that is confirmed by a signature.

What are the processing/delivery times?

The processing times of mediating a Certificate of Conformity depend on the specific vehicle brand and the country of the first registration. We are able to arrange the majority of certificates within 1 to 5 weeks from the time of the order placement. It is also necessary to add the delivery time (1 to 7 days depending on the selected delivery method) from our office to the address that you indicate to the processing time (1 to 5 weeks).

The processing time is stipulated in working days in the website according to the make and the country of the first registration, in the last step of the order placement you can also select your preferred delivery method: express delivery being 1 business day and free delivery being 7 business days at the latest. 
Due to the extensive network of suppliers throughout the EU, logistics, state holidays, and other possible restraints, we are not always able to guarantee the COC delivery within the indicated deadlines. We put forth our maximum effort, however, so that you receive your COC as quickly as possible. 

I am a car trader and I want to order a COC for my client. Is it possible?

Of course, our company delivers certificates to many other companies. You can indicate on our order form different delivery and invoicing addresses. The consignee does not have to be identical to the buyer. However, the payment is requested from the buyer.

What guarantee do I have that your COC is genuine?

Our company is a Certificates of Conformity mediator. The Certificates of Conformity are issued only by authorised institutions – directly by producers. All certificates contain safety marks such as a: watermark, stamp, safety strip, or signature of the issuing entity.

Do you have a price list for all your products?

If you would like to browse our COC pricelist offline, download a PDF file  here. We do our best to keep all information in the PDF Pricelist up to date, but please understand that it is for information purposes only. All current rates and delivery times are available online at www.eurococ.eu >>  HERE.

The country from which my vehicle comes from is not on the list of countries that are on your webpage.

If the country of your vehicle’s origin is not on the list, there are two possible reasons. In case of a country outside of the EU, a Certificate of Conformity for your car does not exist. Certificates of Conformity exist only for those vehicles produced for the European market and registered for the first time in one of the EU countries. Or we do not have a supplier for this make in that EU country. 

If you do not know the country where the vehicle was first registered, or if you do not have the Certificate of registration, contact us.

How to get a voucher?

Vouchers are sometimes sent by e-newsletter to our registered customers, or distributed via other promotional forms e.g. printed in various magazines or in promotional inserts.

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4. Delivery of COC

How does your delivery work?

We know how important it is to receive the Certificate of Conformity when you expect it. EuroCoc uses an extensive network of delivery companies to deliver the Certificates of Conformity from its offices to its clients all over Europe and, naturally, also outside of it. If you order a Certificate of Conformity through our webpage, we recommend that you indicate your work address rather than your home address, since our couriers deliver the shipments during working days from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. and request a personal hand-over that is confirmed by a signature.

What delivery address is to be indicated?

In case the courier does not reach you at the indicated address, they will leave you a note in the mailbox with instructions on how to pick up your shipment from an access point or will do a second delivery attempt to your address the next business day. 

Has my Certificate of Conformity already been sent?

At the moment your Certificate of Conformity is dispatched from our office, you will receive an e-mail confirmation together with the tracking number. According to this number, you can track your shipment containing the Certificate of Conformity via the webpage of the courier company.

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5. Payment

How will I pay for my order?

EuroCoc provides its customers with three possibilities to pay for their orders. Our clients can choose to pay by PayPal, by credit card (CardPay), or by bank transfer.

PayPal (www.paypal.com) – in order to pay using this international electronic payment service, you need to fill in the form that is created uniquely for your order (we are sending you the link associated with your unique order number). A payment that is sent via PayPal is carried out and posted to our account immediately after it is submitted.
Credit card (CardPay) – The payment using a card is carried out immediately after it is submitted. The types of cards accepted for this form of payment are: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. To submit your payment, you need to fill in the number of your card, the CV code, and the card’s expiration date. The process is entirely protected and encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol and the 3D secure system. 
Bank transfer – The payments can be sent to our accounts - Deutsche Bank. The payment is in such a case credited to our account within 3 to 5 days. If you chose this way of payment, please send us a copy of the payment confirmation so that we can proceed with your order. In order to identify your payment, it is necessary that you indicate your order number in the payment confirmation.

Is it possible to pay without VAT?

In case you are a company and you are a VAT payer, do not forget to indicate your VAT ID when placing your order. Your invoices will be issued without VAT. If you provide an incorrect VAT ID, we will be unable to return you the amount of VAT.

The payment through CARD PAY failed.

Do not worry – this may have several causes. Please make sure that the card data such as the expiry date, card number, and CV code are all correct and that you receive the 3D secure SMS code from your bank to validate the payment. If the problem persists, try to use another payment card. If the situation is not solved, we recommend that you pay by a bank transfer. 

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6. Certificate of Conformity

What is a Certificate of Conformity for a vehicle?

A Certificate of Conformity is a document proving that the produced type of vehicle at the time of its production fulfils all the technical requirements needed for EC type approval. A vehicle with a Certificate of Conformity is homologised for EU countries and this certificate is valid in all EU Member States. This means that with a COC you can register your car anywhere in the EU.
Every Member State of the European Union is obliged to accept all vehicles granted the EC type approval by one of the European Union Member States. This document contains vehicle identification, name of the producer, number of the EC type approval, vehicle specification, and further technical details.

What is the language of the Certificate of Conformity that I will receive?

The language of the Certificate of Conformity is determined by the manufacturer. COCs are usually issued in German, English, or French. In accordance with the EU legislation, the Certificate of Conformity does not have a designated language to be used for issuance. The validity and genuineness of this document is, therefore, not limited to one European language. This means that COCs are to be accepted in any language.

How long does it take for a COC to be mediated?

The delivery times of mediating a Certificate of Conformity depend on the specific brand of the vehicle and the country of its first registration. 
We are able to arrange the majority of certificates in 1 to 5 weeks from the time of the order placement.

To determine the exact delivery periods for your vehicle, click on the main page and use the drop down menu.

Select the brand, the country of the first registration, and click the ORDER button. We are able to arrange the majority of certificates in 1 to 5 weeks from the time of the order placement.

What data is indicated on a COC?

This document contains the vehicle identification, vehicle manufacturer, number of EC type approval, and further technical data such as: type, variant, version, weight, type of gearbox, size of the wheels, tyres, colour of the vehicle, CO2 emissions...

What does a COC look like?

Various samples of Certificates of Conformity for passenger vehicles and motorcycles can be found here.

Can you also mediate a COC for motorcycles?

Yes. Our company also arranges Certificates of Conformity for motorcycles. On the main page of www.eurococ.eu you will find a drop down menu and in the first step indicate a motorcycle as the type of vehicle. For more information about the ordering procedure, click here.

I have imported a vehicle from the U.S.A./Japan. Can you arrange a COC for an American/Japanese vehicle?

No. In case of a country outside of the EU, a Certificate of Conformity does not exist for your vehicle. Certificates of Conformity exist only for vehicles produced for the European market and registered for the first time in one of the EU Member States.

I need a COC for a utility vehicle. Can you provide it?

Currently, we are providing Certificates of Conformity for certain models of utility vehicles. In order to find more information, we recommend you to enter the 'Light goods vehicle' type in the drop down menu on the home page. Here you may discover the makes and models for which a COC can be delivered.
A note in the search box result may indicate, depending on cases, for which specific model(s) we are able to provide COC or for which specific model(s) we aren’t able to provide it. 

I found no number of the EC type approval in the Vehicle Registration Book. Does this mean that I cannot order a COC?

In case there is no EC type approval indicated in the Certificate of registration, it may be the case that your vehicle (though already registered in an EU country) does not have this approval. However, the EC type approval number may be indicated in the homologation plate and in this case, the certificate of conformity should be available. If the vehicle does not have the EC type approval, it does not have an existing COC.

I live in France and I just bought a vehicle from abroad. Should I provide an original certificate of conformity to get my certificate of registration? 

Yes, if your vehicle was bought in the EU by an individual or a car dealer, you will generally be asked to provide an original certificate of conformity for any certificate of registration request

It can be in French or any other language, but it must be an original document, the reason being that copies aren’t accepted by the Ministry of the Interior. You can find the list of the required documents for the registration following a vehicle purchase from an EU country in our partner’s website Cartegrise-enligne.com.

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7. Cancellation/Order cancellation

Under which circumstances can I cancel my order?

An order may be cancelled before the payment. After the payment, if your order is in process, it is no longer possible to cancel the order of a Certificate of Conformity since it is a document arranged based on specific requirements. At the moment of your order placement, we pay for your COC to our suppliers so that your order is processed as soon as possible. At this moment, we cannot cancel it anymore and the document cannot be returned. 

Is it possible to submit a complaint?

A written complaint may be submitted to info@eurococ.eu indicating the following details:
- Contact information, order number, and reasons of the complaint.
If the hand-over of a damaged document is involved, contact us and we will deal with this claim as soon as possible.

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8. Technical issues

I have a problem accessing your website. How can this be solved?

If you have technical problems connecting to our website, we recommend you make sure you have the latest updates for your operating system and browser.
If you are still having problems, contact our  Customer Service (click to go to the Contact Form) that will be able to help you. To help us to solve the issue for you, please include as many of the following details as possible:
1. Your operating system
2. Internet browser
3. Description of the URL address that you are trying to access
4. Time when this problem occurred
5. Please copy any error message that was displayed on your screen

I cannot sign into my account.

If you are unable to sign into your account with your e-mail address or your password, make sure that you are using the same e-mail address and password that you provided when registering on our page.
If you cannot remember your password, click “I forgot my password” and type in your e-mail address. A new password will be sent to this email by our automated system. You can change this password after you sign in under the section of “password change”.

I am not receiving e-mails/newsletters from you at the e-mail address that I provided.

If you do not receive any e-mails from us, it is possible that you may be missing important information regarding your order.
One of the most frequent reasons why you are not receiving our e-mails is that your e-mail software labels our e-mails as “Unrequested mail - Spam”. We recommend that you add our e-mail address info@eurococ.eu in your address book and this should solve this problem.

However, if our emails aren’t in your email section “Unrequested mail – Spam”, please contact our customer service at : info@eurococ.eu with the VIN number of your vehicle to identify your order and verify the email address in the order. 

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9. Partners

I am a company and I want to become a EuroCoc partner.

We offer our clients the possibility to present their company through an exchange of banners under the section Partners .
If you are interested in our offer, please contact our Customer Service at info@eurococ.eu regarding any questions that you may have regarding a potential partnership and business opportunities.

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